Our approach


Where We Begin

We are professionals whose priority is to completely serve our clients in a personal and caring manner by providing the highest quality management service. We treat our clients' properties with the same attention and concern we give our own. We always remember that people are important. 

Management Partnership Establishing a firm working partnership with your association's Board of Directors is key to successful management of your association. We invest ourselves in that partnership from the beginning. 

Communication We will keep you informed and will give you honest feedback. The partnership depends on this.

Respect We respect the relationship with your Board of Directors and your association members, and are aware of the unique, special role that we have, acknowledging the impact we can have on your community. That impact must be positive. 

Responsibility There is special responsibility that results from the management partnership formed with your Board of Directors and the impact we have on your community. We will stay focused on that and will not avoid it.


What can we do for your association?

The services outlined below are those possible under a management agreement with us; however, the list is not all-inclusive. To maintain simplicity, we left out many smaller routine items. In most cases items can be added or deleted so that service will be tailored to your association needs. At all times, we are subject to the supervision and control of your Board of Directors in the performance of all our contracted duties. While we will charge you for the work we do, we will not nickel and dime you for "management extras." This usually results in a substantial savings to your association. 


  • act as Association's agent to operate, maintain and manage all common areas
  • arrange for necessary services, equipment and supplies
  • encourage cooperative effort among owners
  • promote the nurturing of a friendly and inviting living environment
  • accomplish all duties in a legal, moral and ethical manner 


  • arrange, supervise and provide access for maintenance and landscaping of common areas
  • monitor the aesthetics of common areas
  • solicit and compile contractor bids, make recommendations, supervise work
  • conduct inspections prior to payment 


  • arrange services and utilities for common areas
  • make inspections to ensure quality of services
  • receive, verify, prepare and make payments for services and utilities 


  • solicit proposals and obtain insurance policies as required
  • investigate and make reports as to accidents and claims for damages
  • cooperate with and make reports to insurance company as required 


  • maintain inventory of Association furnishings, equipment and other property 


  • hire, discharge and supervise Association labor and employees per Board of Director's instructions 


  • Collection and Deposit of Assessments
    • collect all monthly or other assessments, fees and charges
    • deposit all funds into appropriate accounts
    • arrange transfer of funds per instructions
  • Authorized Expenditures
    • pay expenses and obligations as authorized by Board of Directors
  • Billing
    • send monthly billing statements to homeowners
    • bill for rent or use of Association common areas, parking, storage, etc. as required
    • send late notices; pursue collection on delinquent accounts
    • coordinate with Association's attorney the preparation and filing of liens and foreclosures
    • proceed as necessary to enforce collection actions
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Reports
    • keep accurate and complete records showing receipts and expenditures
    • periodically review budget and make recommendations
    • assist Board of Directors with preparation of annual budget
    • prepare reports summarizing receipts and expenditures by budget category
    • provide reports detailing receipts and expenditures by individual transaction
    • provide comparison of actual expenditures to budget
    • provide reports on status of delinquent accounts


  • assist Board of Directors in establishing committees as necessary
  • assist Board of Directors in enforcing Rules and CC&Rs
  • prepare and mail warnings and notices for violations of governing documents
  • obtain any needed legal advice from Association's attorney
  • attend association meetings
  • mail proxies and notices of meetings, prepare ballots and help supervise elections
  • distribute notices, general information sheets and newsletters
  • draft minutes
  • mail minutes to owners
  • maintain necessary files for the Association
  • handle correspondence for Board of Directors
  • receive mail in name of the Association
  • act as conduit for communication and information flow
  • act as point of contact for Association business, complaints, etc.
  • inform Board members of complaints
  • maintain parking space, storage room, and any other lists that are necessary
  • ensure name boards and access rosters are updated
  • provide Board of Directors with lists of owners and tenants
  • maintain 24-hour voice mail for routine calls
  • maintain 24-hour answering service for emergency contact
  • return all calls within a reasonable time